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Press and Practice Day at Eastbourne Eagles

Posted on 23rd March 2016

The Eastbourne Eagles take off and dive straight into the new season with confidence on and off the track

Today, the Eastbourne Eagles celebrated the start of the 2016 season at the Arlington Stadium, kicking off the new season with their press and practice day. The event was combined with a corporate networking event, which was organised by headline sponsors IT First and Managing Director, Paul Goldsmith.

IT First took headline sponsorship of the Eagles at the beginning of the 2015 season and have so far been instrumental in driving new corporate sponsorship for the Eastbourne Eagles. Today, they kick-started the new season by orchestrating a corporate networking event, with the intention of brokering more long-term relationships with companies to aid the running of the club. The event was a great opportunity for business owners to see the speedway close up, experience a taster of the atmosphere, and establish value in joining the club for the forthcoming season.

The event allowed business owners and fans to have a first look at the new season's team and events; really giving them insight for what's to come. The track played host to a mix of youngsters, old riders and the new 2016 team.

Paul Goldsmith, CEO of IT First commented:

“It's great to see speedway back and I'm really looking forward to another successful season for the IT First Eagles.”

IT First shall be fundamental in supporting the Speedway again this season, advising the owners Martin and Connor Dugard for what hopefully will be another fantastic year.

Eastbourne Eagles chairman Martin Dugard said:

“It's been another brilliant day that has us set up and poised for the rest of the season. We are looking forward to showing quality on and off the track with a fantastic turnout both from a corporate point of view and the fans. Our goal is to set the bar the highest in this league, and I think we may have taken it to the next level.”

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