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The Recruitment Sector

Although IT First has happy clients across all types of business, we have extensive experience in the Recruitment Sector, with over 15% of our clients being in Recruitment, Employment and Executive Search. We understand fully the unique needs of recruiters.

Our clients use a selection of recruitment systems such as Microdec Profile, Filefinder, Colleague, ITRIS and Voyager, so our engineers are familiar with all these systems, and we have close ties with the suppliers.

Whether you are an established company or a start-up, you can rest assured that IT First understand your needs and have the experience to help you grow your business. In fact we have helped several companies expand their systems overseas, and have done installations in Vancouver, New York, Brazil, Dubai, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Our overseas experience and network of international contacts and suppliers make IT First the ideal technology partner to help you establish an international presence.

For start-ups, we understand that cash flow is paramount, so we have developed a range of solutions to get you trading for minimal outlay, but at the same time offering room to grow and spread your reach.

IT First - the technology partner of choice in the Recruitment Sector.

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Wilbury Stratton
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