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Spheric Trafalgar

IT First take control of a poorly designed cloud solution

Spheric Trafalgar Ltd is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of balls and ball related products in a variety of materials and specifications.

Spheric were very early adopters of Cloud Technology, but IT First were called in to assist as the Cloud Solution installed by another IT company was was performing very badly due to lack of high speed communications lines at head office. Due to prohibitive costs of the high speed lines needed to operate the installed system effectively, IT First recomended bringing the system back in-house. We installed new servers for the database and email systems, transfered data back in from the cloud and realised immediate performance gains and costs savings.

Spheric Trafalgar later relocated manufacturing to Thailand, and IT First were on hand to design a solution to satisfy working across two international locations. We arranged procurement  in Thailand and installed the solution in their new manufacturing facility in Thailand.

"IT First have been looking after our IT for over 6 years now and in that time they have taken a system that was performing very poorly and transformed it in to a very robust and reliable tool for our business to rely on.

They have worked alongside us to understand our needs in order to set up a system that now meets our business requirements and has allowed us to grow and also expand our operation globally by also providing support to our operations in both the Far East and the USA.

Working with the guys at IT First always gives us confidence that we are in good hands with them and in the level of knowledge they have. They are very professional and at the same time very friendly and easy to work with. We have built a very strong relationship over the years and I would be happy to recommend them to any business."

Mike Jennings - Spheric Trafalgar

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